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About us


You are part of an exclusive channels community. Candefero provides the channel with high-quality market intelligence and trends analysis free of charge. Our goal is to provide you with business insight that can help you plan for the future. Candefero is also a forum for channel players to come together to discuss the burning issues affecting their businesses. This knowledge sharing is enabled by posting comments and participating in research.

Only people employed by authorized channel partners can join Candefero. We do not let members of the public, journalists or vendors participate.

How does it all work?

Each piece of market intelligence on Candefero can be 'bought' for a number of points. Points are credited to your account for participating in quick polls, online surveys and expert interviews, and for simply posting comments on published material (or responding to the comments of others). We also give you some points when you first join, and for providing more detail about your business and role in the IT channel, so please update your profile as fully as possible.

What can I get from the site?

The site is updated continually as new material is published, covering areas such as channel strategy, IT infrastructure, emerging technology and mobility. Candefero provides you with a wealth of market share, product forecast and analytical reports. As with all web-based communities, it is active participation that will help shape the future - sharing best practice with peers in the industry, sending strong messages to the leading vendors about what they are doing right or wrong, and interacting directly with Canalys analysts. We welcome your suggestions and comments about how to develop the site and improve its content.

How can vendors see what we are saying about them?

The vendors have access to which is linked in real-time to Candefero. We take selected information from Candefero, such as the Vendor Benchmark and the Heartbeat, and display it on as well. The vendors can review the comments and the data and post responses. Whenever a vendor response is shown on Candefero it is clearly marked as being from a vendor rather than a channel partner.

We take thorough steps to protect your privacy. We never reveal to a vendor which partner has provided what feedback, though you can opt to do so if you wish.

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